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Carlsbad Masters Swimming

Jeff Pease, Head Coach Carlsbad Masters Swimming Rules!

Welcome, Carlsbad Masters Swimmers! Please come join us. Workouts are held at the Carlsbad Swim Complex on the high school campus, 3401 Monroe, Mon-Fri 6:00-7:15AM, Mon-Fri Noon-1:15PM, and Sat 8:00-9:15AM. Fees are $4/workout or $40/month for Carlsbad residents, and $6/workout or $60/month for non-residents. Check out workout history below to get a feel for our workouts.

Carlsbad Masters
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Team News and Events
World Champs at Stanford Aug 2006
Saddleback College Regionals, April 2005
Zones/Regionals, December 2004

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Aerobic Freestyle Sets
Medley Sets
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Kicking Sets
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Carlsbad Masters Records: Men Women Relays

Swim Tips
Pre-race nutrition
Streamline focus
Catching practice
Keep your head down
Buoyancy Vs Gravity
Keep your kick narrow
High elbow in each stroke
The new Australian crawl
Finish your stroke
Lane Etiquette

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