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FULL COMM ! TMENT R   E   A   L      E   S   T   A   T   E

Carlsbad, California
Broker #01524200
Business: (760) 522-6728
Fax: (760) 454-1695

Equal Housing
Welcome To Full Comm!tment Real Estate

Are you interested in  buying  or  selling? Check out listings of  Full Commitment Real Estate, San Diego and San Diego County, Orange & LA Countys,  or throughout the  USA. Find out more about  local communities,  current news in real estate,  or about  Full Commitment Real Estate.

Are you committed to your fitness? Want to  Swim  in Carlsbad or  Bike  in North San Diego County?

Buyers, if you are searching without an agent, please realize that not only are you losing the benefit of professional representation, but you are also allowing the seller's agent to collect the commission that would have gone to your agent, if you had one. Search on the Internet out of curiosity, but when you get serious about looking, contact a REALTOR(R) and they will be paid commission by the seller's agent, not by you! For a buyer, being unrepresented is more work, more risk, and no reduction in commissions.

Sellers, is your agent a small cog in a big company? They have no flexibility, and all your commission goes to someone back East? We make a full commitment to excellence. At our expense, we will get a staging consultation, provide a quality virtual Tour, present your home at the regional agent marketing session, and we will provide your choice of a free cleaning service or home pre-inspection. We often help you clean and paint, and walk your dog while your house is being shown. We have watered lawns, installed kitchen and bathroom hardware,provided access for repairmen while the owner works, hold open houses, qualified prospects, give advice to make your home more saleable, solve repair and contract issues during escrow, provide flyers and lockbox and signage and MLS listing and Internet exposure and transaction coordination and notary services - all part of our basic full commitment service. In short, we do whatever it takes to sell your home. And all this in addition to having the highest quality knowledge about your rights and obligations when selling your home.


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